Pastel Pink Lightroom Presets

Are you ready to up your instagram game and make your everyday photos look professional with one click ?

Lightroom Presets are created to help enhance and add personality your photos as a lifestyle & portrait photographer ; All it takes is one click to choose the mood and tone for your style.

Give your photos a soft, pink and purples hues with this gorgeous La Vie en Rose professional Lightroom Mobile preset .

Presets are tools - not magic bullets! Some tweaking and editing knowledge is required to make these work for a variety of photo styles . and your final results will depend on what you're starting with ; Good natural lighting will ALWAYS look better than very yellow indoor lighting or fluorescent lighting - never a good starting place, and may actually create some weird effects!
First go to install Lightroom presets, and choose the best pink preset for you with appropriate effects you want !

Lightroom presets always will give you the opportunity to control the temperature and the contrast of the effects you have choosen .


Want a FREE preset? Visit any photo on our instagram post to learn more ; With one click go to our website and get free presets for you :

Lightroom mobile presets are a unique offering from Editing Photo Studio!

We will create for you a lightroom mobile preset and desktop. Mobile Presets by Editing Studio is a high-quality product created by professional photographers. Our presets work on all devices. Before creating a personalized preset, we collect detailed information about what you want to get in the end. And believe me – you will get it!

We value and respect our customers. Therefore, we are ready to help you choose the best preset setup option for you and help in its use .

All presets are pre-tested on different photos. But remember that all lightroom presets work differently, because each photo is unique (color, light, exposure, etc.). Use this product as the basis for working with an image. You can make small adjustments and find perfect settings!

These presets will be compatible with both jpeg and RAW files, for best results shoot in RAW or apply presets to high quality, well-lit images